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The interesting mobile simulation game of Minecraft is certainly amazing for many people. However, its in-depth gameplay with vast elements and multiple features can be quite difficult for gamers to get familiar with. Which is why, if you’re interested in the gameplay of building and crafting simulation, but don’t know where to start, then Craftsman: Building Craft is certainly a better option for mobile gamers.

Have fun working on many interesting in-game constructions, as you attempt to create beautiful buildings and structures around you. Enjoy working on the awesome crafting options, as they allow you to freely create items and gadgets. All of which should allow you to have more fun with your simulation title.

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Here in Craftsman: Building Craft, Android gamers can comfortably engage themselves in the exciting gameplay of building and crafting simulation, in which you are free to explore the in-game environments and work on many construction projects that you want. In addition, the game will require you to work on your survival journeys in the wild with nothing on your hands. Start creating tools and collecting stuff that will feed you and let you build your shelter. Fight or stay hidden from the monsters so you may stay away from the dangerous creeps.

Featuring the exact gameplay as Minecraft, while it might not be the better version, Craftsman: Building Craft is certainly the best copy of it. Here, gamers can freely enjoy the game with their own unique characters. Feel free to explore the vast in-game environments and have fun with the interesting gameplay whenever and however you want. Also, the completely liberating and accessible gameplay will make sure that you can all have fun with it in your own ways.

Freely interact with multiple in-game items and materials. Make uses of the block construction mechanics to easily build many stuff. Enjoy working with the vast crafting features in Craftsman: Building Craft as they allow you to create many things. Take your in-game adventures through many interesting worlds with unique environments. And always make the most of the game with its different game modes that will certainly impress you.

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Here are all the exciting feature that the game has to offer:

Simple touch controls and accessible gameplay

Here in Craftsman: Building Craft, Android gamers can enjoy working with the simple touch controls, which will allow them to freely roam around the map and interact with many in-game elements without any troubles. Here, you’ll have a fully simulated virtual controller with interactive touch elements to further improve the gameplay.

In addition, the in-game mechanics are quite simple and won’t require too much time for you to get familiar with. Simply work your character around interacting with certain items, tools, materials and other blocks to learn their uses. Then you can start having fun building and crafting with the game.

Enjoy the classic RPG dungeon elements

And for those of you who are interested, you can now immerse yourself in the classic dungeon RPG gameplay. Start by exploring the awesome dungeons to look for certain resources that can help you in your survival journeys. Also unlock the mining tools to collect many useful ores from the mine. Have fun fighting off monsters with your weapons and earn experience points. Level up to earn better stats and to equip better items on your characters. Progress in your RPG adventures and take on new journeys with more exciting opponents to beat.

Enjoy the game with or without the Internet

Here in Craftsman: Building Craft, Android gamers will have their options to enjoy the exciting gameplay of building and crafting simulation in both online and offline mode. Now, you can quickly indulge yourself in the exciting mobile game whenever you want and however you want. Choose the to play the offline survival and crafting challenges to become the sole survivor in your own worlds. Or join the online servers where you can have more fun playing the game with friends. Also, you can create your own online worlds and share them with others. The dynamic gameplay and immersive experiences will certainly impress many gamers.

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Realistic and randomly-generated worlds

To make the game more interesting, Craftsman: Building Craft gamers can now have fun with the realistic and randomly-generated worlds, which will allow them to always enjoy the diverse and dynamic gameplay. Feel free to explore the interesting environments with different settings and unique scenarios in each map. The diverse in-game environments will certainly impress most gamers.

Many interesting blocks to interact with

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy working with the useful block mechanics in Craftsman: Building Craft, which will enable multiple interactions and applications. Feel free to pick up any piece of block from various origins and with different uses. They could be blocks that you can use for buildings, creating items, or joining together to make new ones. Thus, making the gameplay a lot more interesting for all Android gamers.

A vast collection of different materials to work with

Here in Craftsman: Building Craft, Android gamers can enjoy working with the vast collection of different building materials in the game, which will allow them to freely create all types of buildings. Choose high-quality blocks to make your structures more resilient. Use blocks with different colors to make the buildings more interesting. And make uses of the different patterns to further personalize your structures.

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Have fun creating all kinds of different items

To make the game more enjoyable, Android gamers in Craftsman: Building Craft can now have fun working with a variety of different in-game items, each having its own unique uses and features. Use tools to make it easier to collect resources and construct buildings. Make uses of weapons and protective gears to give yourself better chances of fighting enemies. And have fun playing with many available gadgets that will make the in-game experiences a lot more fun. Also, with many upgrade options, you can freely work to improve your in-game items and enhance their features.

Create interesting structures with your creative minds

With the liberating block-based buildings, Android gamers in Craftsman: Building Craft can have fun creating and crafting all kinds of interesting structures, which will allow them to freely work on the buildings. Have fun designing the 3D house models and enjoy working with many design and interior items, which will make sure that you can make the most of the game and its features.

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Free to play

Despite all the exciting features, the game is still free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices, thanks to the available game on the Google Play Store. Feel free to immerse yourself in the exciting gameplay and make the most of your in-game experiences.

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Visual and sound quality


Here in Craftsman: Building Craft, Android gamers can really enjoy the exciting gameplay of building and crafting simulation, thanks to its simple yet immersive 3D pixelated graphics. Here, despite the simple designs, the block-based graphics still provides a complete feeling that you would get from the real world. Enjoy working with the realistic animations, visual effects, in-game physics, and other visual elements that will always keep you hooked to the game.

Sound & Music

Together with interesting graphics, Craftsman: Building Craft also provides powerful sound effects and soundtracks, which will allow Android gamers to completely immerse themselves in the awesome mobile game.

Final thoughts

Get ready to immerse yourself in the exciting gameplay of building and crafting in Craftsman: Building Craft, as you enjoy creating all kinds of structures from your imaginations. And at the same time, also have fun playing the survival and RPG gameplay with many interesting in-game elements to work with and actions to enjoy.