Recover deleted files easily and quickly with great ability of Diskdigger Pro file recovery. You can download the APK file of this app for free via the links below the article.

Overview information

Introduce about Diskdigger Pro

What is Diskdigger Pro?

Diskdigger Pro is a paid version of Diskdigger, an application that allows users to find the deleted files on a rooted Android device. The application easily scans files such as photos, videos, music, documents in the device’s hard drive, then displays it on the screen for you to restore it when needed.

How does Diskdigger Pro work?

You know, Android phones don’t have the Recycle Bin like PC, so sometimes we mistakenly delete a commemorative photo, or an important file and we can’t do anything but wish that never happened. Understanding this situation of users, the developer Defiant Technologies came up with the idea of Diskdigger, an application that allows you to find and recover deleted files. So how does it work?