Project: GAIA APK is the most engaging zombie-themed shooting game in 2021. As a lucky soldier, you will have to fight for your survival and humanity.

Overview information

NameProject: GAIA
PublisherGAIA Foundation
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Introduce about Project: GAIA

The story

The Project: GAIA story begins when a viral pandemic is out of control and spreads globally. Those infected with this plague all died and were reborn as a living organism. They are bloodthirsty and always try to find living creatures to eat.

Some lucky people have been protected by the government under secret grounds. But in return, they will have to join the journey to find the source of the disease’s outbreak and the preventive vaccine. A series of challenges and dangers await for you.


Project: GAIA is a survival shooter game. You will have to fight hundreds of zombies, drive them from the occupied bases to find survivors. They can also accompany and fight with you to fight off the epidemic.

Project: GAIA builds content seamlessly. When you are on a mission, you will have to fight a horde of undead until they are completely destroyed. The area will be expanded, leading you to other places that are raging by epidemics.


Before going to battle, you should check the weapons and equipment for your character. He can carry a shotgun, a rifle and a pistol. Depending on your financial ability and achievements, you can buy some new guns with higher power. Project: GAIA is only releasing an early counter, though, so there aren’t many weapons to play with. There are only 6 models for you to choose from.

In addition, the character has five spaces to equip other tools. Ammunition, bombs and bandages are important items that you should carry with you on the battlefield.

During the game, the system will give you supports such as bonuses, ammunition, bombs, first aid kits, … They are usually located at the transit point between two areas. You should not miss these supports, as ammunition or any other resources may be depleted in battle. Especially the character’s health. The gauge will continuously decrease when he is damaged by zombies.

Team-up and fight with other players

Project: GAIA integrates PvP mode, allowing you to team-up with your friends and fight the undead together. You can create a room or enter an ID to join another player’s room. If not, you can also join random room.

Let’s try out some other modes

If the story mode has not satisfied you, you should try the challenge mode. There are three levels here, you will have to fight hundreds, even thousands of zombies to gain access to the next level.

Many players believe that challenge mode is a fast and difficult experience. If your fighting skills are not good enough, you will be destroyed by the enemy quickly. So, if you are not really ready, you should practice more about the ability to aim and move to avoid attacks.

Zombies are everywhere

The undead have an advantage in quantity. They also come in many varieties with different characteristics. For example, some zombies can crawl on the ground, others move very fast and can even use weapons. If you understand these, you can determine which hazards should first be eliminated.

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In general, players are brought into an environment where the undead are rampant. Ugly faces, creepy sound and many other factors suggest this game is not for the faint of heart.

Realistic graphics

One of the remarkable points of Project: GAIA is the extremely realistic and sharp graphics. The game is developed based on the most advanced Unreal Engine 4 graphics technology. You can feel the reality on every frame, every move or breath of the character.

The sound system is also very detailed. Screams of undead, comrades’ voices coming from radar, gunshots and bombs signaled the fierce battle. Overall, Project: GAIA is a great product to look forward to. You may not want to miss the chance to experience such beautiful graphics!

Download Project: GAIA APK for Android

Currently, the game has not been officially launched. But you can play the early-access version by downloading the APK file below the article. Project: GAIA is currently being loved by millions of people, and most likely it is the symbol of the survival shooter series in 2021.