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Name Taoist simulator
Category Role Playing
Size 26.3MB
Popularity 7001
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 24/11/2021
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Taoist simulator

Taoist simulator Game Introduction :


Daye years, when the Emperor indulged in prostitution, war at home and abroad. People all over the world are in dire straits.

In a moment of time, the anger of all directions rises suddenly, spread to each corner of kyushu earth, the evil spirit demon felt the evil spirit to become very violent, have stepped into the human world for the disaster party, the world of devils dance wildly even straight into the Sky.

Heaven sees the world is already pestilence disaster run amok, have the tendency that destroys the world greatly, then decide to wake up in the immortal seed of human circle, send him to sweep up the mission between earthly li Mei Mei ghosts, protect the peace of eight sides vigorously.

No VIP, no section leader, Buddha heart research and development, free to cultivate immortals

↓↓↓↓ Open the secret recipe for repairing fairies ↓↓↓

This is an ancient costume role-playing placement of the game.

Players will play the beginning of the awakening fairy force of the small Taoist priest, down the mountain in addition to the demon, and strengthen their own strength, all the way to the jiuzhaodan, and finally ascend the course of heaven into the immortal.

This game is not liver not krypton, you can personally experience the story of how to grow up step by step into the magic of the immortal legend.

All say immortals good, how good? It\’s all in the game. Why don\’t you play?

▣ Features play ▣

【 Central Idea 】

Easy to place training, offline automatic access to income

Move your fingers every day and make breakthroughs

[Diversified gameplay]

Dozens of maps with unique gameplay!

Adventure, decryption, upgrade, reasoning….. You have no idea how the gameplay unfolds!

【 Magic Terrier 】

The story of the rescue, each character has a different personality. Plus various meme……

How much of this stuff do you understand? And what kind of diabolical plot will be derived?

【 Diverse skills 】

Here, N kinds of martial arts fans are familiar with the classic martial arts to choose from.

Xiao Xiami who just enters the river\’s lake can set the strength of many families in one, through combat and experience constantly sharpen their martial arts, and eventually become a generation of famous heroes in the river\’s lake.

【 Soaring clouds 】

War beacon even Huyue, haiban Yunshan hold thistle city. Song dynasty weak, yi di everywhere ready to move. On the occasion of the crisis, with a unique martial arts you, and what kind of choice will be made?

[River\’s Lake Experience]

Read all the world of mortals provoke a smile, from now on don\’t go from free and unfettered. Fed up with the endless wait in the boring hang – up? Rich plot events, free hanging, let you develop more lines, liver to your cool!

Taoist simulator Game screenshot :

Taoist simulator

Taoist simulator

Taoist simulator

Taoist simulator

Taoist simulator

Taoist simulator (26.3MB)

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