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Name Ghost Office
Category Role Playing
Size 131.9MB
Popularity 3244
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 19/11/2021
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Ghost Office

Ghost Office Game Introduction :

Do you read but feel bored? Like to play interactive story games, visual novels, hidden story games and ghost games, but are you tired of the same old template? Then try our visual novel, a mystery novel that values your choice! We are offering a free interactive story game called \”ghost office\” in the adventure game world. All our stories and mystery novels are written by hard-working writers.

First of all, a visual novel is introduced, which is full of horror, moving plots and chat stories!

This is an unparalleled visual novel, ghost story and the best novel game you have ever played. It is specially made for smartphone users!

? Introduction to ghost office | visual novels and Adventures

The dark world office is a chat style interactive storytelling game and adventure game, with an attractive universe, allowing you to experience the mysterious and moving plots of various ghosts (in this ghost game). To some extent, these ghosts will be distorted, lovely and severe at the same time!

? Interesting plot

In our hidden story games and ghost games; The protagonist is Eugene. He accidentally fell into the ghost world and was almost killed by the monster. A mysterious ghost saved Eugene and was asked to work in the dark world office

? The main features of our ghost stories, mystery novels and games:

-Light novels, adventure games, visual novels, mysterious words

-Attractive characters in hidden story games

-Enjoy a different world with about 40 short animations and 150 illustrations

-Find all seven different routes by making different choices | mystery novels

-Collect all 25 titles and 60 album illustrations in the adventure game and enjoy it.

-If you have ever played hidden story games, ghost novels or any famous novels, you will also like this visual novel.

? Enjoy the additional features of adventure games (ghost story Novels):

-This adventure game is free! Enjoy our visual novels and ghost games

-Meet the ghost at the same time in our lovely and severe ghost game!

-In this hidden story, the ghost store game plays a unique puzzle. Your story will depend on what you choose in our visual novels

-More stories are coming! We will inform you of the upcoming visual novels, adventure games and ghost games

? Why novels?

In the novel, you can directly control the process of the story. Your choice is really important, so please carefully choose how to react and respond in different situations. After playing our visual novels and hidden story games, you will never regret it.

Visual fiction has thousands of lovers, and it is also the collection of the fastest-growing interactive stories that you choose your destiny. Now try our hidden story novels and ghost games!

? We recommend this adventure game, visual novel

-Especially for those who like visual novels, ghost stories, adventure games or hidden story games

-Want to kill time playing adventure games or reading visual novels

-Like to be in the ghost world, or like to play ghost games and hidden story games

-Want to play for free? The \”dark world office\” of our visual novel is a game for you to play 100% free.

-A person who likes light novels, masterpieces, mystery novels or adventure games

-Those who want to get rid of the old stories and templates of adventure games

-People who like interactive ghost story novels, masterpiece novels and storytelling games

-Those who are tired of playing ordinary novel games

-Adventure game | best novel game | ghost world | ghost game | hidden story game | masterpiece novel | mystery novel

Ghost Office Game screenshot :

Ghost Office

Ghost Office

Ghost Office

Ghost Office

Ghost Office

Ghost Office

Ghost Office

Ghost Office (131.9MB)

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