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Name ZOZ: The final moment
Category Casual
Size 1.5GB
Popularity 4316
Publisher WHWL
Score 10.0
Publish Date 26/10/2021
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Mod Info:

ZOZ: The final moment

ZOZ: The final moment Game Introduction :

ZOZ: Final Hour is TPS for ultimate shooting fun. Zombie city, St. Argyle. Fifteen mercenaries, including you, infiltrate the city, collecting blood crystals, a $100 billion mystery that holds the promise of saving humanity! You will retreat only if you have enough blood crystals. But beware, Merc, zombies are not the biggest threat, humans are!

– Human or zombie

Death is a new beginning in St. Jagel. Merc will be resurrected as a zombie after losing all blood. The thirst for blood takes over your heart. As a zombie, all you have to do is pursue the pure pleasure of hunting humans. It\’s time for the kill!

– Peace or plunder

Kill bloodcrystal zombies and extract valuable materials from them, or simply take them from your Merc companions. The unique PvPvE mode gives you the opportunity to be yourself. But remember, your only goal is to get the crystal and get out of dodge!

– Teamwork or lone Wolf

You can choose to be alone or team up with strangers. But remember, they may be tempted to betray you at any time. After all, they\’re all here for the crystal. Be careful!

– Equip and escape

You will receive an upfront payment for equipment before you embark on dangerous missions. Each Merc will be equipped with different equipment to choose from.

Then the helicopter will take you into a battlefield of 9 random buildings, making each mission a thrilling adventure!

ZOZ: The final moment Game screenshot :

ZOZ: The final moment

ZOZ: The final moment

ZOZ: The final moment

ZOZ: The final moment

ZOZ: The final moment (1.5GB)

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