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Category Role Playing
Size 1.4GB
Popularity 6223
Publisher Netmarble
Score 6.0
Publish Date 30/09/2021
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Mod Info:

CROSS WORLDS The animation style MMORPG mobile game \”two countries: staggered world\” will be launched on the morning of June 10, 2021. Welcome to pre download (worm test: it will take about 10 minutes to install the game package, please wait patiently);

CROSS WORLDS Game Introduction :

The prelude to the great war is updated!

Add the [battle for the throne] to distinguish the strongest kingdom of the server!

Challenge the throne with the Kingdom members!

New episode \”golden beard and treasure island\” added!

New 6-star mount, new magic health added!

There are all kinds of activities waiting for you

Travel now!

Planning / production [grade five], animation works [Studio Ghibli], etc

A game born in the hands of gorgeous staff

Invite you to the second country: cross world.

Introduction to the game

▶ perceptual \”story\” of coexistence of reality and fantasy

Your great journey to another world through virtual reality game [soul naver]

Experience the narrative poem in the second country with infinite adventure and infinite peaceful coexistence.

▶ emotional \”open world\” like an animation

… a world of 4-engine cartoon rendering.

Please personally confirm that the expressions and actions of the characters have a particularly perceptual and beautiful world.

▶ personalized \”game characters\”

The mysterious prosecutor [witch] began, the magical Spear\’s elegant witch [sorceress],

A talented girl who talks about all kinds of firearms

What do you want to be in the second country?

▶ the volunteer army guarding me, \”Li Majian\”

Meet the mysterious life that only exists in the second country.

The ability of the terrible imason hidden in loveliness will come into play.

Communicate with many people with full personality and grow up as an adventurous partner.

▶ build a national and developed community core \”kingdom\” together

Rebuild the extinct [nameless Kingdom] and develop our kingdom with colleagues.

Enrich the kingdom with unique emotional [social objects] everywhere,

Aim at the kingdom with the highest server and enjoy a variety of challenges with your colleagues.

[introduction to product information and service conditions]

※ additional fees will be charged when purchasing Charged items.

※ games can also be played smoothly on the tablet.

[access rights guide]

Storage space (checked): used for screenshot storage function in the game.

-Suppliers: netmarble (strain) represents executive management personnel Quan Yingzhi and Li Chengyuan

-Usage conditions and time: according to the content otherwise notified in the game

(if the service life is not displayed, the service termination date is regarded as the service life)

-Settlement amount and method: according to the settlement amount and method notified separately for each commodity

(during foreign exchange settlement, due to exchange rate, handling fee and other reasons, it may be different from the actual application amount)

-Commodity payment method: pay the ID (character) purchased in the game immediately

-Recommended specification: Galaxy s9up

*It is recommended that the game is unstable in models other than the terminal.

-Personal information processing policy:

-Terms of use:

-Confirm / consult the business information:


© LEVEL-5 Inc. © Netmarble Corp. & Netmarble Neo Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Developer contact:


Contact information of customer service center: 02-1588-3955

G-tower netmarvel, No. 38, digital road 26, Jiulao District, Seoul

Business No.: 105-87-64746

Communication sales No.: 2014-1028 Seoul District Road

CROSS WORLDS Game screenshot :







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