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Name Idle Toy Claw Tycoon
Category Casual
Size 208.5MB
Popularity 1754
Publisher treeplla Inc.
Score 6.0
Publish Date 20/10/2021
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Mod Info:

Idle Toy Claw Tycoon

Idle Toy Claw Tycoon Game Introduction :

The world of tiny toys, hidden right under our noses.

We introduce to you, \”Idle Toy Claw Tycoon\”, a tycoon simulation game!

Toys are diligent, they work hard where humans can\’t see them.

Maybe, many of the things we use are made by them!???

Have you ever felt like you hear noises under your feet or in the closet upstairs?

Or under the bed or even the couch…

Toys love humans, hence they build their workstations near humans!

\”\”Idle Toy Claw Tycoon\”\” will introduce you to the world of toys!

I\’ve been told monorails are fun, let\’s take a ride together! ?

So many animals are at work!

? Adorable baby hamsters sewing ?

? A Kitty cutting fabric using scissors twice its size ?

? A hedgehog trying to climb up the stapler ?

? Lambs making cotton in this magical toy world! ?

Also cute puppies are at work in this tycoon game

After all these processes, the toys are ready to be shipped and sold!. ?

It\’s a tycoon game where you can design, manufacture, and sell your toys.

Isn\’t it just fun to watch them?

Playing the game will remind you of your childhood, when you used to play with your toys.

You must operate the machines manually,

but once you hire managers, they will run automatically.

Managers are your capable friends who help you operate the factory.

So it\’s important to level them up, and assign them to the most optimal jobs.

Then, shall we dive into the world of toys and play with our toy friends??

You will feel all your stress vanish ??

Simulation game where adorable toys work together.

Come join our idle tycoon game, \”Idle Toy Claw Tycoon\”!

Your childhood friends await.

The best stress-relieving idle tycoon game!

? You can also play on your tablet

? We are open to any feedback you have for us!

Idle Toy Claw Tycoon Game screenshot :

Idle Toy Claw Tycoon

Idle Toy Claw Tycoon

Idle Toy Claw Tycoon

Idle Toy Claw Tycoon

Idle Toy Claw Tycoon

Idle Toy Claw Tycoon (208.5MB)

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