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Name Prison architect(MOD)
Category Casual
Size 284.6MB
Popularity 5104
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 22/09/2021
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Mod Info:

Prison architect(MOD) 1. The game has been sinicized and modified to Google. The new archive needs to be loaded for a period of time. Just wait patiently.
2. When clicking the start of the new game, if a bunch of villains are mining and no specific game story is displayed, please turn on the network accelerator. You can search and download the \”accelerator\” in the insect and use its built-in accelerator to play the game.
3. The new version cannot unlock the full version. If you want to download the full version, you can download version 2.0.8 from the historical version

Prison architect(MOD) Game Introduction :

Prison architect is a very novel simulation game. Its fun comes from the player\’s grasp of the whole game layout. Through the perspective of God to build a reasonable prison. And monitor every move of every prisoner inside. Of course, the game will also bring unexpected events to players, such as riots and fires. Let players experience the hard work of a prison administrator. This security simulation game of introversion integrates capital, architecture, management and ethics in an interesting way, and puts many often contradictory goals in front of you: Prisoner safety, efficient use of space, prisoner health, profitability and ensuring the absolute safety of your prison.
Establish and manage a safe prison, from prison construction planning to managing employee wages and prisoner morale, you are a designer, warden, and law enforcement officer.
The prison design will include the basic necessities of the prison, such as cell, canteen, guard room and infrastructure, as well as some unique facilities such as confinement room. Exercise area and even execution room during ventilation.
Prison Architect: mobile phones include:
-Establish and manage a prison to accommodate a variety of prisoners
-Strike a balance between prison security, infrastructure and a constantly consuming budget
Learn new prison construction technology in campaign mode, and understand the operation of the prison through a series of cut-off animation and targets
-Unlock more campaign chapters with one-time purchase
Violent criminals: manage different types of criminals and control them through floods, fires, fighting and comprehensive riots

Prison architect(MOD) Game screenshot :

Prison architect(MOD)

Prison architect(MOD)

Prison architect(MOD)

Prison architect(MOD)

Prison architect(MOD) (284.6MB)

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