Download Super God Warrior Trainer MOD APK v1.0.1 [mod] for Android

Name Super God Warrior Trainer
Category Casual
Size 125.4MB
Popularity 2608
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 01/12/2021
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Super God Warrior Trainer Do not watch ads to get rewards.

Super God Warrior Trainer Game Introduction :

Super God Warrior Trainer is a mobile game with rpg elements and various fighting methods. Three professions can be used in the game, including magician, warrior and shooter. You can use skills and weapons to fight in the arena. Help you learn how to operate and match weapons.

Super God Warrior Trainer Introduction
An action mobile game with a very unique gameplay. In the game, the player is in an alien battlefield in a different world. You need to face a variety of powerful beasts. They are huge and very aggressive, and you are an acceptance With the genetically modified warrior, you can pass through the battles and continuously strengthen yourself, allowing you to have a faster speed, a stronger body, and greater strength, gain brand new abilities in the continuous evolution, and face dangerous and huge differences. When it is a beast, victory can be achieved.

How to play Super God Warrior Trainer
1. There are many types of soldiers that players can recruit in the game, each of which has different attributes;

2. Unlock more weapons, use different weapons and equipment, participate in different battles, continue to expand the territory, and eventually become a powerful empire.

3. There is a very obvious restraint relationship between the arms. Players can make a strategic counterattack according to the enemy\’s formation;

4. The brain is full of your own plot and world, some hints, some plots, time, place, characters, events, your game world is created by your brain.

5. Players can sum up the enemy\’s offensive rhythm and strategy during the battle, and exercise their thinking ability.

6. After destroying them, you will get gold, skeletons and people are waiting for you, hiding in the forest, you can use your accumulated gold to recruit soldiers.

Super God Warrior Trainer Highlights
1. Hire soldiers and send your army to fight for glory and fun on the battlefield!

2. Warriors and fighters are fighting in a real battlefield, everyone can kill each other!

3. Start your own war in the most realistic and accurate battle simulator!

4. All fighters act and fight like real people and real soldiers!

5. Or you can have more fun playing sandbox mode, it\’s up to you to create strategies and build levels!

6. There are almost no rules in the real battle simulator! Enter the world of war and battle!

Features of Super God Warrior Trainer
This game warrior is very cute, allowing players to have a lot of fun in the process of the game. The clumsy steps of some fighters make them funny and full of humor.

This game can switch multiple perspectives, allowing players to fully experience the exciting moments of the battle. Players can obtain more gold coins through their own efforts to improve their character level.

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Super God Warrior Trainer Game screenshot :

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