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Name Cyber Hunter Taiwan service
Category Action
Size 2.0GB
Popularity 5981
Publisher EnvoyGames
Score 6.0
Publish Date 05/11/2021
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Cyber Hunter Taiwan service

Cyber Hunter Taiwan service Game Introduction :

Hundreds of super agents airborne
Explore and fight in a full 3D world, with a mountain top of 1,500 meters above sea level, a tower of 300 meters, a hundred-meter waterfall, desert temples, marsh relics, cherry blossom towns…the essence of the world\’s topography is concentrated here. Real all-terrain exploration and combat, all scenes and locations can be reached.
Climb and climb like a spiderman
Super power like a spiderman, climb all the buildings, mountains, trees. Silently climbed up the tower and gave the opponent a fatal blow in the back; someone touched it behind? Climb to the house quickly, condescending to take the initiative; climb to the top of the bridge, take an eight-fold mirror to kill the people in the car, very refreshing!
Fly into the safe area from the top of the mountain
Super-maneuverable gliding in the sky, with a bird\’s eye view, the overall situation is under control; flying over mountains and forests, quickly reaching tactical positions; gliding down from high buildings, quickly chasing opponents. The super high mobility brought by climbing, overturning and gliding greatly enhances your exploration and competitive pleasure.
Bring your super combat skills into the arena
Disguised as a tree and ambush? Stealth force field stealth the enemy? Summon a bunker to block fire, summon a watchtower to be condescending? Rockets shot from the sky to the ground? Choose 3 out of 21 skills to enter the arena. One-click summoning is as easy as firing a gun. Use your super combat skills flexibly and enjoy the fun of fresh gun battles.
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