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Name Briea-Wellness Coach by Hygiea
Category Health & Fitness
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Publisher Anik Technologies, Inc.
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Publish Date 24/07/2022
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Briea-Wellness Coach by Hygiea

Briea-Wellness Coach by Hygiea Game Introduction :

Briea is a Wellness Coach who works 24×7 for your wellness and fitness. Powered by Hygiea – The Health Tech Platform equipped with Voice with AI, Mobile and Cloud; Briea is a generation ahead of other available options.

Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, improve fitness, tone up, get heathier, change lifestyle, or have balanced diet, Briea would help you. The most exciting part about Briea is that, she works with you proactively. You do not really need to remember anything, Briea takes care of that. If it’s time for you measure weight, Briea would ask for that. It is as such extremely easy to work with her as she talks gently and listens to you carefully. Importantly she keeps on learning not only on healthcare but also on language.

As you start with Briea, she collects basic information about your Physical Activities, Diet, Substance use, Height, Weight, Current Diseases etc. Once this is done, she evaluates that immediately and provides you a report. In addition to this she also gives Study Material and Health Tips which are related to your health indicators and aimed to keep you healthy with capability of effective management of your current health status.

Interaction with Briea is as such very friendly affair. At any stage you can ask about any information related with your health indicators.

Examples could be like this.

What was my last BMI?

What is my dinner for today?

Provide me video of leg exercise.

As you move on with Briea, you would wish to keep on sharing several updates about health indicators. Depending on your current wellness status, you may like to provide fresh information about indicators like Weight, Nutrition/ Diet, Physical Work, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure etc. There are several ways to do this.

Post BMI

Post BP

Post Blood Sugar

Post Nutrition

Post Exercise Info, and more.

What is so special about Briea is that, she really works closely and makes sure you do everything needed to maintain good health.

Creating Goals is the best way to enforce life style improvement. Briea helps for creating goals, facilitates for feedback on those goals and also provides analysis on your performance.

While doing health analysis Briea also makes recommendation about Health Indicators for which you need to setup goals.

You can even ask Briea to maintain your Health Calendar. Reminders can be setup and later on you can inquire about your reminders for today, this week, next week, this month, this year or even next year.

Briea, is your own Wellness and Fitness Coach; committed to you.

Briea-Wellness Coach by Hygiea Game screenshot :

Briea-Wellness Coach by Hygiea
Briea-Wellness Coach by Hygiea
Briea-Wellness Coach by Hygiea
Briea-Wellness Coach by Hygiea
Briea-Wellness Coach by Hygiea

Briea-Wellness Coach by Hygiea (49.0MB)

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