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HVAC Quiz Game Introduction :

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. HVAC systems give comfort environment condition to you. No one can deny the importance of HVAC in our makes possible to live in any climatic condition.

In terms of technology, the key elements that provide the fundamentals of heat and fresh air are the systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

This app covers all the major areas of Air Conditioning, from basic knowledge to advance. Maintenance, Operation and designing.

Some key features of HVAC Quiz:

* There are various levels, from easy to difficult

* Question will be repeated in the session till you give the right answer.

* Each level have different target score, lower the level lower the target.

* There are three chances to miss the right answer to achieve your target score.

* If you could not achieved your target after losing three chances your score

become zero.

* You can keep on trying till you achieve your target and reach to the next level.

There are some Questions as below:


One BTU is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of:

Option -1 one pound of water one-degree Fahrenheit

Option -2 one gallon of water one-degree Fahrenheit

Option -3 one pound of ice one-degree Fahrenheit.

Option -4 one gallon of water eight degrees Fahrenheit.


An over-sized heating and cooling system can cause the following?

Option -1 Operating cost and relative humidity in the structure will decrease significantly.

Option -2 Moisture damage to a furnace heat exchanger and inadequate humidity removal during cooling cycles.

Option -3 The structure will develop low humidity levels in the cooling season and high humidity in the winter.

Option -4 Equipment will last longer and require less energy to operate due to the shorter run time.


Water is considered a refrigerant. What is its name?

Option -1 R-401

Option -2 R-718

Option -3 R-170

Option -4 R-1270


The essential parameters to estimate cooling load from air side across an air handling

Option -1 Flow rate

Option -2 Dry bulb temperature

Option -3 RH% or wet bulb temperature

Option -4 All of the above

Q.Metering device:

Option -1 changes as high pressure vapor to high pressure liquid

Option -2 changes a low pressure vapor to a low pressure liquid

Option -3 changes a high pressure liquid to low pressure liquid

Option -4 changes low pressure vapor to high pressure vapor


Which of the following statement is wrong?

Option -1 The heat transfer in liquid and gases takes place according to convection.

Option -2 The amount of heat flow through a body is dependent upon the material of the body.

Option -3 The thermal conductivity of solid metals increases with rise in temperature.

Option -4 Logarithmic mean temperature difference is not equal to the arithmetic mean temperature difference.


Which of the following statement is correct?

Option -1 The human body can lose heat even if its temperature is less than the atmospheric temperature.

Option -2 The increase in air movement increases the evaporation from the human body.

Option -3 The warm air increases the rate of radiation of heat from the human body.

Option -4 both (1 and 2)

Note: If you have your own questions and answers, we can add in this quiz to the benefits of others.

HVAC Quiz Game screenshot :


HVAC Quiz (7.3MB)

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