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Evolve: Self Care & Meditation

Evolve: Self Care & Meditation Game Introduction :

Invest in your self-care with Evolve

Sleep well, deal with depression, overcome anxiety, become more productive, de-stress & improve your mental health to achieve happiness by scientifically proven techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness & Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Evolve is an inclusive mental health app & provides a safe space for the LGBTQ community.

Get self care tools for your mental health like meditations, mental health tests, prompted journals & self care motivations built by leading therapists & coaches.

Self Care tools on Evolve for Mental Health

★ Self Care courses by CBT life coaches help you know yourself, love yourself, manage relationships & build habits to improve productivity

★ Daily Self Care Meditations by mindfulness coaches to manage your mental health, emotional health & behavioral health

★ Sleep exercises to deal with insomnia & improve sleep quality

★ LGBTQ safe space to introspect, deal with mental health challenges due to discrimination & social exclusion.

★ Prompted Journal for self reflection & self motivation

★ Daily Resources to empower you with tips on mental health, self care, self love & self help techniques

Daily Self Care Meditations for your Mental Workouts

Evolve’s joyful meditations have been built with mindfulness coaches for sleep, anxiety, depression, stress & burnout.

★ Breathing techniques (box breathing, 478 breathing) can be practiced as a part of morning meditation routine

★ Contextualized to the day. Start your day positively, meditate with coffee or after a netflix binge

★ Focus meditations to improve performance & productivity at work

★ Special meditations for LGBTQ individuals

Self Care courses to improve self awareness, self love & personal growth

Self-improvement courses employ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

★ Self love: Learn how to love yourself with our self assessments & self reflection modules

★ Love your body: Start the process of creating a better body image through positive self talk

★ Know yourself: Learn how to become more self aware through self care trackers & mental health trackers

★ Overcoming low self-esteem: Build self-confidence by the right self affirmations & introspections

★ LGBTQ: Explore your gender & sexual identity. Come out to your loved ones.

Self-Care courses to create routines & habits for peak performance

Create life changing habits in 21 days & improve your mental health

★ Morning routine to start your day right: Incorporate morning meditations, morning journals & morning motivations to create your personalized morning routine

★ 21 days of meditation: Build a disciplined meditation habit for mental toughness & resilience

★ Stop procrastinating: Become more productive by building self-discipline & reducing procrastination in your daily routines

★ Self-love for LGBTQ: Build a routine of self-love to deal with social exclusion that you may feel

Self-Care courses to build strong relationships

Relationships bring a lot of happiness, but if not managed well, they also add stress, anxiety, guilt, trauma, jealousy & overthinking to our lives.

★ Understand your relationship needs with self-reflections and self-therapy

★ Make your partner feel more loved with CBT tools & self care trackers

★ LGBTQ relationships & how to deal with them

Make your mental health & self care a priority.

85% of the people globally don\’t have a diagnosed mental illness, yet they are not happy due to stress, anxiety, loneliness, sadness, worry & burnout. Achieve happiness, personal growth, career success & great relationships by making mental wellness & self care your priority. Evolve Now!

Evolve self care app is free to download & use. Some content is only available through an optional paid subscription. If you choose to subscribe, payment will be charged to your Google Account at confirmation of purchase.

Evolve: Self Care & Meditation Game screenshot :

Evolve: Self Care & Meditation
Evolve: Self Care & Meditation
Evolve: Self Care & Meditation
Evolve: Self Care & Meditation
Evolve: Self Care & Meditation
Evolve: Self Care & Meditation
Evolve: Self Care & Meditation
Evolve: Self Care & Meditation

Evolve: Self Care & Meditation (49.9MB)

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