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Name Charity
Category Social
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Publish Date 02/05/2022
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Charity Game Introduction :

1.Why should I use this app?

-> In this app, you can post for claiming help. There are people around you who need charitable help but are not getting any due to lack of communication. By seeing your post, people who are offering such charity can know about them.

You can post about your own charitable works. That post will help others to decide whether or not to give charity to the same location and people.

If you are planning for giving charity to some people but don’t know the right place then this app will help you. You can easily search by location name and see if that particular location has any claim post and offer post or not. If there is any claim post in that area then you can contact with that person who posted for help by his/her contact number. If there is any offer post in that area then you will know that charity has already been offered to that place. If there is no post in that area then you can search for any other area to offer your charity.

Arranging events for offering charity is a huge task. It needs information about that place, people of that area, and their requirements also. These situations are difficult to handle. If someone in that area helps us to arrange our events in that area then this becomes so much easy. “Charity” app lets you get connected with volunteers from various places and organizations. So if need any help from any volunteer of a particular area then you can just with the name of that place and contact the listed volunteers to help you arrange your event more smoothly.

Besides that, volunteers of different countries can share their experiences and thoughts through this app which can motivate other volunteers to give more effort to charity and helping others.

2.Can I send charity related money through this app?

->No, this app is just for letting you know about charitable works. By the posts of the users of this app, people will get a flexible communicative platform in the field of charity.

<>This app has 5 sections:

In this section all the help posts will be shown. You can get the information about who needs help and in which area. You can directly contact with the person who has posted that post through the provided contact number.

In this section all the charity offered posts will be shown. You will know in which area charity has been given and you will also get description about their work. This will help you to decide how and where you should choose to give your charity.

In this section you can directly call the blood donors. If you post about your blood donation requirements then they will be automatically notified.

In this section, you will get the list of volunteers from all around the world. If you are a volunteer then at first you need to create your volunteer account in this section and then you can chat with the listed volunteers. If you are not a volunteer then you can send emails to those volunteers from whom you need help.

This section contains the about information of the developer of this app.

In every society, there are people who are concerned about the poor and needy people of their society. If you are that person then please post about them and let every user of this app know about them. Your one post may bring help to those people.

The people who do charitable works are also concerned about these matters. They also want to give charity to those people who really are need of it but are not getting any help. Using this app they can also get in contact with those people through that person who will post on behalf of them.

Try this app and help us to build a better world.

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Charity (9.6MB)

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