Om Nom, the gluttonous star in the game series Cut the Rope, is back in the Om Nom: Merge MOD APK version of APKMODY.

Overview information

Introduce about Om Nom: Merge

The plot

Although the old forest has dozens of delicious dishes, Om Nom still feels very lonely. Meals cannot be delicious without friends. If you don’t eat all the fruits falling on the ground, the magical old forest will be destroyed. You have the task of helping Om Nom eat as much as possible, then restore the ecosystem to the forest by breeding cute Nommies to join the limitless fruit party.

Help Om Nom eat as much as possible

This time, he will be in a forest where trees are racing to bear fruit. Delicious! So Om Nom has only one task, devour it and turn them into gold (don’t ask how). Om Nom isn’t the only character who has a passion for nutrition, because he also has a lot of cute Nommie friends who are willing to join the vitamin party. By pairing two members of the same Nommie species together, you can discover a whole new breed – two Blue members make a Snailbrow, two Snailbrows make a Toss, …