The Among Us fever has not stopped when there are now many other games inspired by this famous global game. One of them is Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas MOD APK, this fun and exciting game that promises to give players a great experience.

Overview information

Introduce about Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas

Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas is an action game released by the publisher OneSoft Global on May 12, 2020. Up to now, the game has been downloaded more than 5 million times on Google Play with countless compliments praise. Although based on Among Us, the game still has a difference in gameplay, let’s find out what those differences are!


Although there are differences in gameplay, the context of the game remains the same as Among Us. Specifically, on the spaceship The Skeld – a map that many players choose among the 3 maps of Among Us. You will meet the familiar context such as meeting rooms, O2 rooms, admin rooms, … All rooms are preserved from the smallest details, giving players a very familiar feeling. The only difference is probably the player’s perspective when the space you see will be smaller than Among Us and everything is simulated based on 3D graphics, not 2D like the original game.